Established in 1999

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Learning Pathways

There are numerous pathways you can take to achieve your goal of an Australian Recognised Qualification. Most important is to choose a pathway that maximises your learning and fits in with your life and commitments. All courses are competency-based.**

Target Training offers self-paced learning courses, face-to-face workshops in your workplace or an agreed location, work-based learning, e-learning, RPL and a combination of these options.

Self Paced Learning

This means pacing yourself through learning using the Learner Guides provided. Your assessor keeps in regular contact with you, sets deadlines and coaches you through your learning journey. Self-paced learning can occur on or off the job, with the preference being on the job where you are exposed to all activities, systems and support.

Face-to-face Workshops

Usually a series of training sessions are scheduled to support and guide the participants through their learning. This gives participants the opportunity to practice their skills together. Target Training employs only qualified, leading trainers with extensive management and experience.

Work-based learning

This is on-the-job learning and enables individuals to learn directly from the work they do. There are many advantages to work-based learning, such as:

  • Learning is immediately applied to real work-based issues.
  • Learning is directly linked to tasks.
  • Time/ resources are used efficiently.
  • Learning is brought into view of all in the workplace.
  • Encourages participants to take responsibility for their own learning.
  • Participants learn directly through doing the work.
  • Support is always available.
  • Greater transfer of learning from one situation to a range of other situations.

The student is given a unique log in through the link on this Target Training website. The student can then access the learning resources and assessment requirements. Everything is electronic, so the learner needs a computer screen and access to internet in order to complete a qualification using e-learning. This means you can complete the learning at any time that suits your lifestyle and it’s portable as long as you have a fast internet connection. Note for some qualifications or units it is not ideal to complete via an e-learning pathway. This will be discussed with you prior to enrolment.


RPL stands for “Recognition of Prior Learning”. It is the process of recognising the competencies obtained by an individual through previous or current training/work experiences.
If you wish to apply for RPL, simply contact the office of Target Training and we can discuss the requirements with you. Target Training’s RPL policy states that any student participating, or intending to participate in a training program, has the opportunity to apply for RPL if they feel they hold the competencies required for that training unit, or units.

** What is Competency-based training and assessment?

Competency implies the learner has demonstrated appropriate skill, knowledge, understanding and attitudes in relation to tasks, and is able to perform to a standard established by the industry.

National competency standards define the competencies required for effective workplace performance. They also act as a benchmark for training, assessment and quality control.

Being competent means that you can learn and retain knowledge, understand how it fits into the big picture of your organisation and put it into practice in the workplace in line with their standards and procedures. Of course the right attitude is required to make all of this work.

Competency-based assessment…

  • Allow learners to move at own pace
  • Assess against standard criteria
  • Is evidence-based over time
  • Participatory for learner and assessor
  • Takes prior experience into account.

Competency-based assessments DO NOT require you to sit for an exam. It is the opportunity for you to demonstrate your new skills and knowledge to the standards or in line with the workplace practices.