SIR40316 – Certificate IV in Retail Management

The qualification reflects the role of individuals who lead a frontline team and manage day-to-day operations of a retail store or department to implement and deliver on organisational objectives and standards. These individuals possess a range of highly developed selling and customer engagement skills with sound knowledge of product and service offerings. They work with independence, taking responsibility for their own functions and outputs.

This qualification provides a pathway to work in a diverse range of retail settings including specialty retailers, supermarkets, department stores, and quick service restaurants. Individuals with this qualification are able to perform roles such as store manager, department manager and assistant store manager.


To undertake this qualification, individuals must:

  • have achieved a Certificate III in Retail, OR
  • have relevant industry employment experience in a job role that has involved the application of skills and knowledge described in core units of competency from the SIR30216 Certificate III in Retail.

Job roles and titles vary across different industry sectors. Possible job titles relevant to this qualification include:

  • department manager
  • customer service manager
  • small business retail owner
  • merchandise manager
  • shift manager


A number of career pathways are available to you typically with further study, such as Team Leader, Site/Department Manager, Store Manager or Area Manager.

If you already have some training, work or life experience in management, team leader role or coordinator, you may be eligible to have your existing skills and knowledge recognised and apply for advanced standing for one or more units. Processes for recognition include:

  • Credit transfer
  • Mutual recognition
  • Recognition by assessment

Gain the skills required to:

  • use questioning and active listening to determine and respond to customer needs to ensure customers enjoy a positive retail experience that reflects store values
  • participate in retail store teams, working independently to complete own tasks and also supporting other team members where appropriate
  • demonstrate sensitivity to customer needs and concerns, anticipating problems and acting to avoid them where possible
  • look for opportunities to do things better and suggest ideas to other team members and supervisors in the context of the job role
  • establish and communicate clear goals and deliverables for self and team members in the context of organisational objectives and the current store situation.
  • understand how a personal job role fits into the context of the wider business values and directions.
  • identify personal strengths and weaknesses in the context of the job role and recognise how to personally learn best.
  • recognise and report faulty equipment and follow workplace health and safety procedures.

This qualification can be completed via any of these pathways as follows. We offer flexibility with this qualification.

If you have skills and experience to meet all the competencies of any unit/s, and can demonstrate/document that competency, then you may apply for RPL(recognise prior learning). Please contact our office for more details of this assessment-only process and an application form. Learners should allow 600 hours for total volume of learning in this format, however, this is assuming that they are able to provide sufficient and current evidence.

There may be a number of people in your organisation that can come together for a series of training sessions in your workplace, or an agreed alternate location. We have a10 session ideal structure for Certificate IV however the amount of time face-to-face can be discussed and agreed depending on the current competencies of the participants and viability of them coming together. This involves a combination of summativeassessments that include research, written tasks and demonstration activities

It may not be possible or preferential to co-ordinate face-to-face sessions so we can also assist you through the qualification via post, email and phone support. Learners should allow up to 600 hours regardless. We combine group learning sessions with self-directed reading, summative assessment projects and research activities that combined we have allowed up to 600 hours for Certificate IV level. The qualifications can be fast-tracked, depending on current competencies of learner as well as their available time in completing the requirements.

You may prefer a combination of face-to-face sessions supported by email support and telephone conferencing. We can structure a program by incorporating all of these options.

For learners completing the qualification via traineeship arrangements, the duration and minimum hours could be longer if they are designed as entry level requirements for specific work functions. Shorter durations are typically built on existing skills and knowledge. We recommend a minimum of 22 hours of face-to-face group training sessions for Certificate IV (11 units x 2 hour workshops). In this way learners can learn from each other while being guided by the experienced facilitator.

COURSE STRUCTURE (Packaging Rules)
To achieve a Certificate IV in Retail Management, 11 units must be completed, including 7 core and 4 electives. A minimum of 2 electives must be selected from the list below and a maximum of 2 additional units can be selected from the list below or any relevant Target Training package.


SIRRRTF002 Monitor retail store financials
SIRXCEG004 Create a customer centric culture
SIRXHRM002 Maintain employee relations
SIRXMGT002 Lead a frontline team
SIRXRSK002 Maintain store security
SIRXSLS003 Achieve sales results
SIRXWHS003 Maintain workplace safety


BSBCUS401 Co-ordinate implementation of customer service strategies
SIRXCHA001 Facilitate the change process
SIRRFSA001 Handle food safety in a retail environment
SIRXHRM001 Recruit, select and induct team members
BSBINN301 Promote innovation in a team environment
BSBMGT402 Implement operational plan
SIRRINV002 Control stock
SIRXMKT003 Manage promotional activities
SIRRMER003 Co-ordinate visual merchandising activities
BSBSMB406 Manage small business finances

Here is a selection of units below. For more information on other units please contact us.


SIRRRTF002 Monitor retail store financials

  1. Control cost of labour
  2. Control stock levels
  3. Review and address financial performance

SIRXCEG004 Create a customer centric culture

  1. Promote a customer focused culture
  2. Foster the customer culture
  3. Monitor and adjust the customer service


SIRXHRM002 Maintain employee relations

  1. Apply relevant industrial awards, agreements and legislation to the workplace.
  2. Minimise potential industrial problems
  3. Implement dispute settlement procedures

SIRXMGT002 Lead a frontline team

  1. Lead the team
  2. Delegate work
  3. Monitor performance standards
  4. Take action of performance issues
  5. Read and interpret retail documents


SIRXRSK002 Maintain store security

  1. Monitor and maintain store security
  2. Facilitate security awareness

SIRXSLS003 Achieve sales results

  1. Identify sales targets
  2. Create a sales environment
  3. Review sales performance


SIRXWHS003 Maintain workplace safety

  1. Facilitate team awareness of work health and safety
  2. Involve team members in work, health and safety matters
  3. Maintain a safe work environment
  4. Maintain work health and safety records


BSBCUS401 Co-ordinate implementation of customer service strategies

  1. Advise on customer service needs
  2. Support implementation of customer service strategies
  3. Evaluate and report on customer service

SIRXCHA001 Facilitate the change process

  1. Prepare for change
  2. Implement change
  3. Embed change


CHCDIV001 Work with diverse people

  1. Reflect on own perspectives
  2. Appreciate diversity and inclusiveness, and their benefits
  3. Communicate with people from diverse backgrounds and situations
  4. Promote understanding across diverse groups

SIRRFSA001 Handle food safety in a retail environment

  1. Follow food safety program
  2. Store and handle food safely
  3. Maintain personal hygiene standards
  4. Maintain equipment and work area


SIRXHRM001 Recruit, select and induct team members

  1. Identify recruitment needs
  2. Select new talent
  3. Induct new talent

BSBINN301 Promote innovation in a team environment

  1. Create opportunities to maximise innovation within a team
  2. Organise and agree effective ways of working
  3. Support and guide colleagues
  4. Reflect on how the team is working


BSBMGT402 Implement operational plan

  1. Implement operational plan.
  2. Implement resource acquisition.
  3. Monitor operational performance.

SIRRINV002 Control Stock

  1. Monitor stock receipt and dispatch
  2. Maintain stock records
  3. Process and follow up orders
  4. Minimise stock losses
  5. Co-ordinate stocktake or cyclical count


SIRXMKT003 Manage promotional activities

  1. Implement promotional activity
  2. Monitor promotional activity
  3. Review promotional activity

SIRRMER003 Co-ordinate visual merchandising activities

  1. Co-ordinate visual merchandising requirements
  2. Supervise visual merchandising activities
  3. Review impact of visual merchandising activities


BSBSMB406 Manage small business finances

  1. Implement financial plan
  2. Monitor financial plan

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